3 Tips for Selling Out Your Beer Releases in Minutes

Hold back on your first few releases

  • Don't release everything right away. Have 20 cases available? Release 5. This will build hype around your items and convince your customers that the product is flying off the shelves. If only they ordered quicker, they would have scored some beer!
  • You can hide the available quantity from your releases on Beer Broadcast and limit the amount each customer can purchase. Your customers won't know if there are 5 or 5,000 remaining, and will be motivated to get their orders in quickly.
  • Your release will appear to sell out blazingly fast creating demand and motivating your customers to be quicker the next time around.
  • Do this for a few weeks in a row and watch your numbers take off.

Release on a regular schedule

  • Consistency builds a following. Muscle memory grows when something occurs over and over again on a predictable basis.
  • Drop your new releases at the same time and day every week if possible. You'll have users queueing up online hours before your release even opens.
  • Consider where your customers are and what they're doing the moment you drop your release. People prioritize viewing and reacting to text messages against the importance of whatever else it is they're doing at the time they receive one. If they're driving, a text message won't be prioritized. Stepping into their daily morning work meeting? Sorry, but they're not going to see that notification about your latest release until much later.

The more the better

  • Based on the first two tips above, releasing product as often and regularly as possible will also build a demand. If your customers have something to look forward to from your business every week or so, they'll stay engaged with your brand and keep coming back.
  • Combined with the tips above, the demand for your product will go up and up. You'll be writing your own pro-tips for successful releases in no time.
Colin Keany
Co-founder and designer building Beer Broadcast. Co-host of Good, Not Great podcast. Find it on YouTube, Spotify, SoundCloud and more.